Five Ways To Make Your Cat’s Visit To The Vet Less Stressful…

By February 26, 2014 October 24th, 2019 Fear Free

Five Ways To Make Your Cat’s Visit To The Vet Less Stressful…

Please read along as there are several things you can do to help reduce Fluffy’s anxiety when visiting the veterinarian. 

The great thing is, most of these start at home:

You can start the process by using a fear free behavior product called Feliway. “Feliway is a range of easy to use products containing synthetic copies of natural cat pheromones. Feliway helps create a loving and comfortable home environment for your cat(s).”  via

  • Have pet carrier, will travel. The pet carrier is the safest way to transport your cat. The best carriers have easy snap clips (rather than screws) to attach the lid. These lids can be lifted off, so your cat can be gently put into the kennel and covered, or for easier access to be lifted out. Pre-spray your cat’s carrier with Feliway. If you do not have a carrier, Fluffy should be with harness and leash to keep him/her safe during the commute.
  • Keeping your cat’s carrier in the house, somewhere accessible where kitty can use it occasionally is a great idea. If it is available, it can be used as a “safe” place away from visitors, or a quiet corner to have a nap in. It can also be used as a place to keep all of those cat toys that aren’t currently in use! If it is part of the environment on a regular basis it is a more trustworthy space to your cat. If your carrier is kept hidden away for example in the garage, bring it into the house, clean it up, place one of your comfy blankets or towels in it so it smells like home and pre-spray with Feliway.
  • En route in the car; strap the carrier into the seat belt system or secure it into the foot well. Ensure that there are enough blankets in the kennel to provide some buffering as you turn corners. Your cat will be happier for the security of the extra padding! Sometimes a blanket over the top of the carrier helps, too.
  • To avoid motion sickness, try not to feed your cat in the few hours prior to your car trip. Especially if you are training a young cat, going for regular short car rides will help get your cat used to the feel of the car. Time for an ice cream run? Take Fluffy! Drive steadily, taking corners carefully.
  • Once you arrive at the clinic, keep the towel placed over the kennel and look for a quiet corner for your cat. (Edgemont Veterinary Clinic offers as a part of our fear free environment, a “kitty perch” for you to place your kitty carrier on so that they are up high and can have a view through our window). Let the Client Care team know that Fluffy may be a little stressed, they can direct you to either the kitty perch or to our cats only examination room. We also offer Feliway pre-soaked towels to place over the carrier if you do not have one of your own.

It is good to keep in mind that our pets are very “tuned in” to our anxiety level as well, so it is important to be relaxed yourself! If your furry friend is particularly concerned about a vet visit, please make us aware so we do our best to accommodate and help 

Often it is the pets who see us more frequently who love to visit us, because they know even good things can happen at a vet clinic, like treats! Sometimes something as simple as regular weigh-ins through the year can make the visit more “routine” and less concerning.

When you are scheduling your appointment, please let us know if there is anything, we can do to help make Fluffy’s and your visit less stressful.