Stem Cell & PRP Therapy Success Story: Mr. Bubbles

By December 7, 2018 October 24th, 2019 Alternative Therapy

Stem Cell & PRP Therapy Success Story


Mr. Bubbles


“Our dog Mr. Bubbles is almost 12 years old and he has been battling severe arthritis for the past 2+ years.

Bubbles underwent both the Stem Cell Therapy procedure and  PRP injections this past August and September, respectively.

Prior to the initial procedure Bubbles was on three different pain medications. He was struggling to go for mild fifteen-minute walks and to move freely around the house. We had restricted stairs and off-leash play time among other things. Bubbles was struggling to move from lying down to a standing position on the hard-wood floor, He just didn’t have the strength to lift himself up. He was struggling to go up flights of stairs and by July this past summer we had to carry him up and down the stairs. He stopped ‘following us’ around the house. His appetite was gravely affected by the pain medications as they were taking a toll on his tummy despite adding probiotics to his food. His quality of life was greatly affected.

Two and a half months later since the initial procedure, Bubbles is a much younger version of himself. He can’t sit still, he wants to go for very long scenic walks and he wants to play with other dogs. He is ‘flying’ around the house climbing up and down the stairs and jumping up on the couch. He follows us everywhere. He is full of energy; his appetite has returned, and he seems so much more comfortable.

Overall, we have reduced his pain medications. He is only taking one medication now (previously he was on 3 medications) and we have reduced the net daily dose of this medication to 27% of what it previously was prior to the procedures with the possibility it could reduce even further.

The results have been quite significant! We are very grateful for the Edgemont Vet Team.”

Ashley & Mr. Bubbles