Saying GoodBye Is Never Easy

By May 21, 2019 February 26th, 2020 Miscellaneous

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy, How We Can Help With Your Pets Final Journey…

At Edgemont Veterinary Clinic, we know the hardship that comes along with the thought of having to say goodbye to your family member. They have been a part of us from the beginning; seeing them for their first appointment, annual vaccines, treated them for gastric issues when they have eaten something they shouldn’t have, dental procedures, ear infections and much more. We have built a relationship with you and your pet to ensure that they have a rich quality of life full of love and great memories with you.

As an owner it is difficult to know ‘when’ the right time is to euthanize your pet. 

Here are some words meant to get you thinking and considering the factors that affect your pet’s happiness and quality of life:

J – jump or mobility: needing assistance due to difficulty rising, walking, doing stairs.
O – ouch or pain: showing signs of discomfort even with being on pain medication.
U – uncertainty and understanding: your pet has a medical condition that we have been treating, trying to adjust medication and doses but now treatment does not seem to be working any more, what else can we do.
R – respiratory and breathing- noticing a change in their breathing, coughing, difficulty breathing, open mouth breathing, exercise intolerance.
N – neatness or hygiene-loosing control of their bladder and bowel movements, lying in their elimination, unable to groom themselves.
E – eating and drinking- decreased appetite, drooling, vomiting and diarrhea.
Y – you- You may feel you are unable to provide for their needs physically, emotionally, or financially. Constantly worrying about if they are suffering.

S – social ability- noticing a change in their behavior, less energy, confused of the surroundings, aggressive behavior

You can go through these with your family or come in and talk with one of our veterinarians about what we can do, or if it is time to help them through their final Journey.

Rachel, RVT