Still working during Covid-19

By August 19, 2020 Miscellaneous

Dear Pet Parent,

The team at Edgemont Veterinary Clinic wants to thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time. As you know, as essential workers, we have continued to operate since the very beginning of the pandemic. However, if you have visited our hospital in the last several months, you will have noticed that there have been important changes in our procedures that we have made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

COVID-19 has presented many significant challenges to us and has required us to adapt our procedures on an almost daily basis. Our biggest single challenge has been how to continue operating as a fully-functional hospital, while protecting the health of both our team and our community, and yet incorporating the additional time it takes to implement the extra safety protocols. We believe our mission of taking care of your pets is a critically important one. We interact with hundreds of clients every week, so it is very important to our community that we are able to remain healthy and open! We have instituted many measures, such as curbside service, strict use of PPE internally, social distancing, enhanced cleaning protocols, telemedicine, and others to make sure that we can remain safe and operational. Due to current conditions of the pandemic, curbside service will remain in effect until further notice, and the building will remain closed to the public, with the exception of euthanasia.

As you can imagine, this has created considerable stress for our team. Even though our clients do not get to see what is going on inside of our building right now, we can assure you that everyone is working as hard as possible each and every day! We have been hiring and training new team members to help accommodate the extra demand for veterinary services, and your patience during their training is appreciated. The well-being of our team is of the upmost importance to us at EVC, and it ultimately impacts our ability to attend to your pet’s care.  With this in mind, here are some important things that you need to know about our current operations.


  • Animals that are truly sick, or in need of life-saving care will receive priority in scheduling. We hope you will understand, since it could be your pet in need of urgent care at some point. This may mean some delays for very routine procedures, but rest assured that we are constantly trying to make adjustments to shorten the wait-time for even the most routine procedures. Clients are encouraged at this time to forward-book any necessary follow up appointments at the time of service to make sure they secure their preferred appointment time, and to book in well in advance for preventive care appointments.
  • We now offer telemedicine appointments for health consultations where we can.
  • “Live Chat” can occur with the team through our app. This will allow you to take care of simple matters, possibly without even having to visit the office. Please ask our Client Care Team if you have questions about how to download this important software. You can find the Edgemont Vet App on either the Apple iTunes platform or the Google Play store.


We would like to address a question which has frequently been asked by our clients. Clients ask, “Why can’t I come into the building with my pet, when I can go into a grocery store, or a hardware store?” There are important differences in the two situations. We know that the transmission of COVID-19 between people is mostly dependent on two things, social distance and time spent in the same airspace. Grocery stores are big, open spaces, and your exposure to any particular person tends to be very short. Veterinary clinic exam rooms, by contrast, are small spaces which put people in close proximity, with the additional need to be in close contact to each other for holding pets for extended periods of time. This greatly increases the chances of transmission of the virus. With the number of clients we see, that puts both our team and other clients at increased risk of direct and indirect contact to MANY other people.  That increased risk to our team increases the potential we will become sick and then not be available to help any of our clients’ pets.

We would kindly ask that clients don a mask when our team members come out to communicate with you in our parking lot and help us maintain social distance as much as possible.

Please be kind, patient and understanding to our team members as they follow our safety protocols. Know that we are doing our very best to handle the increased volume in phone calls.  Please be patient while we get meds together to go home with your pet after your appointment.  We know that this is an extremely challenging time for everyone. We will continue to work together with you for the best health and safety of both our human and pet community families, confident that better times will be here before we know it.  In the interim, please stay safe, and please wear a mask when interacting with our team.

Thank you for everything you do every day to make life better for animals!

The Edgemont Veterinary Clinic Team